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Track Name: The Death Of Folk
I lie awake with that torment
The same that twists up the sea
I lie on rough sheets of cotton
As cold now as me
And I'll rest when I'm dead love
So don't you worry about me

There's a spark run through humanity
It runs right through me
In the dark of my cotton
I'll let you come see
It brings some to salvation
But can break a man down to his knees

In these words there rests poison
In these words is honey
Some are mixed in with trouble
Some with whiskey
But they all come out spittin
One part love
And one part Jealousy.
Track Name: Back To Something
When I write my letter to you friend
I tell you how it's gonna read
With the lonesome pining of Hesse
Mixed in with Candide

And in the bar room light
You pale just right
A pack of camel lights
On a small town night

Well if I don't make it home by Labor Day
I tell you what I'm gonna miss
The drugs on Summit and the 40 oz
And my sweet baby Maddy's lips
Pressed on mine
But girl I'm making that drive
So warm the bottle of wine
Between your country thighs
And I'll be right on time

It seems a bit dishonest to recreate
Any of the good old times
But if I'm lucky then the scene'll seem enough the same
That I can keep up til the morning light
On the balcony
Til it's just you and me
As the midwest sleeps
And the cicadas speak
Track Name: Drinking On Home
600 beers in between us now
But I'm drinking my way on home
And with every spin of the room that I'm in
It pulls me further from the cold

So don't tell me dear about myself
Because it only makes me drink a couple more
But what the hell do I know
Not much at all
I guess I got a long way to go

I'm in love twice a month for about a week at a time
But every time my heart it up and dies
I feed it what it needs
Lots of wine and plenty weed
But still that feeling finds a hole and leaves
And that hollow
Creeps back in
To the shape that I'm in
And this time I don't think it's gonna leave
But what the hell do I know
Not much at all
I guess I got a long way to go

We were born under the same sign and under the same sun
Grew up dreaming into the same skies
But we had different eyes
And when yours left
I swear mine died
Because I haven't seen another pretty smile
So where did we go wrong
To make me write this song
And hide myself inside a glass of wine
What the hell do we know
Not much at all
I guess we got a long way to go
Track Name: The Hustlers Way
People asking
What I cam out here for
I came to make a cool couple grand and get back home

They start laughing
They think that I'm joking
But ain't nobody smiling round here bud
Put em up
I'm taking the cash and moving on

And it's freezing in Cleveland tonight
And there's families that need to eat
And I'm gonna make it right
No I ain't Robin Hood
See I been known to blow it all in one night
Just trying to do the best that I can the hustlers

I can tell that he's scared
By the sweat on his lips
I told him to stand real still
And I hope he don't slip
See nobody move
And nobody gets hurt
But every crowds got a hero just waiting to get burned

Times is getting rough
With more outlaws every day
Cops gonna have to shoot me down
I ain't getting put back away
And I don't care much what you think
Everybody's gotta get paid
Ain't no jobs no more
So we just gotta do it the hustlers way
Track Name: Too Long To Call
With the setting of the sun there comes a sorrow
That I been telling folks that I just don't see
But behind the stony glaze
And the whiskey soaked ballets
Slumps the man I've drawn myself to be

Seems the darkness comes a creeping
As I labor
To read or write
Or roll a joint or two
But as the dusty calm of evening settles
On my narrow street
By my bed light in my mind
I lie with you

No I can't take back my direction
That left you stranded in a place called home
And I don't know what to say
To ever make it all ok
It's been too long to call and now you're gone

Well I heard that you got yourself a new man
And there's a baby on the way
Hey I hope it still means something that
I'm happy for you
I wish i could see
The mother that you'll make

There are times I feel like hitting that old highway
And there are times that I just want to lay still
But as we all go slowly spinning towards
The embers of our strength
But their gentle glow
I write my will
Track Name: Modern Love
I was listening to Thin Lizzy when my cell buzzed quietly by.Had I known that those 7 numbers contained your voice and my heart inside. See I broke my old phone this summer and the new one don't have no names, and what with all the calls for my student loans, I don't answer much these days. Modern love, modern love, I don't claim to be above checking your status all night. Modern love, modern love, tell me what have we become. I just hope that I"m texting you right. Had it really been since last winter that I'd even thought your name. Til you changed your profile picture, and popped up in my life again. Modern love. I'll be on my way home come Christmas, and I hope that not too much has changed. I won't have a whole awful lot with me, just my liver and a kiss for Kay